M.C The Max Reveals Dreamy MV Teaser for “Oh My Way Home”

Talented rock group M.C The Max has unveiled yet another music video teaser to up the excitement for their upcoming album!

On December 19, a video clip giving a sneak peek of their music video for “Oh My Way Home” was uploaded on YouTube. The teaser has a mysterious and even fairytale-like feel to it, and the dreamy vocals fit perfectly together with the soft visual effects. While the video mainly features a dark forest background with snowflakes floating in the air, a screen showing us the faint shadows of dancers and their artistic moves appears out of nowhere, lighting up the black and empty forest. Based on the preview, we can expect the song to be a harmonious and calming ballad.

Just two days ago, M.C The Max teased the fans with a clip of their song “Night We Shine.” The group will be returning to the scene after a five-year hiatus in January, when they will release their seventh full-length album “Unveiling.” Until then, stay tuned for more updates!