Doll-Like Rookie Singer Heyne Reveals Her Shocking Weight

Adorable solo singer Heyne recently shared how much her petite body weighs, and the number is a very small one!

The singer was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show on December 19 along with senior singer Bada and guitarist Park Ju Won. During the show, DJ Cultwo praised the rookie artists complexion by saying, “She totally looks like a doll. What do you think, Bada?” The fellow singer continued to compliment Heyne, “That is right. She is like a doll.”

The MC then asked Bada about her flawless looks when she debuted as a singer, and she answered, “I was a big doll back then. Heyne is more like a tiny one.” Hearing this, MC Cultwo turned to Heyne and said, “I think the title of an ultra-light singer is perfect for you. How many kilograms do you weight” The young singer surprised everyone with her honest reply, “I weigh 37 kilograms (~81 pounds).” 

“You are 22 years old and you weigh 37 kilograms? How is that possible?” the MC reacted to Heyne’s shocking confession. It was also revealed that the circumference of her wrists is only 3 inches. 

Heyne is currently promoting her cute comeback track “LOVE007.”