Shin Bora Gets Flustered by Mention of Boyfriend Kim Giri on Weekly Idol

Comedian Shin Bora recently appeared on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” on December 1 and showed off her glib tongue.

However, she was flustered when emcees Jung Hyung Don and Defconn mentioned Shin Bora’s boyfriend, comedian Kim Giri. They began teasing her as soon as she stepped onto the stage, with lines like “Why didn’t you come with that person?,” “Giri Giri remember him” (pun), “Please preserve Kim Giri.”

Shin Bora’s face turning red and she appeared to be flustered, “So it’s this sort of broadcast. I thought we wouldn’t be talking about this stuff…”

She later gave an update on what Kim Giri was up to, “That person is in a meeting right now, so he is unable to be here.”