Choi Jin Hyuk Will Be Spending His Christmas Eve with Lee Min Ho?

Who will you be spending your Christmas Eve with?

Well, try not to be jealous of Choi Jin Hyuk who will be spending his with Lee Min Ho!

Only six days are left until Christmas, and the festive holiday mood is in the air. Naturally, celebrities are busy planning their holidays as well, and actor Choi Jin Hyuk recently discussed his Christmas plans during an interview with TV Report. The handsome star revealed that he will most likely be spending time with his good friend and fellow “The Heirs” actor Lee Min Ho.

“In real life, I am close with Min Ho. I will probably spend Christmas Eve with him as well. Min Ho is in Singapore right now because of his schedule, but he said he will come back on December 24,” the actor shared and continued, “When I asked Min Ho if he has any Christmas plans, he answered that he is not interested in doing anything special, so I suggested we could meet and have a drink. He responded with a cool ‘Deal!’ so it looks like we will be spending some quality time together. People say that we are very similar, and our personalities actually are quite much alike. He is a junior that I click with.”

The two recently acted in SBS’ popular drama “The Heirs,” and it is great to see that the on-screen siblings are also close in real life!