Lee Hyori Warns Rain to Watch Where He Places His Hands

Singer and actor Rain brought cameras backstage of the 2013 MAMAs in the latest episode of Mnet’s “Rain Effect” that aired on December 19. 

In particular, he stopped by Lee Hyori and Lee Ha Neul’s waiting room, sweeping Hyori up into a tight hug since it had been a while they last saw each other. 

The now married Lee Hyori greeted him playfully saying, “That’s adultery,” before asking, “How have you been? It’s been a really long time.” However, once she discovered the cameras she turned on Rain and reprimanded him more harshly saying, “What is this. You can’t just do whatever you want with Noona’s body” causing everyone to laugh. 

In related news, “Rain Effect” is a new show that will follow Rain’s preparations for his comeback as a world star after two years.