Hyorin and Choi Yong Ho Show Sizzling Chemistry for “Marie Claire”

After making her solo debut with her first album, “Love&Hate,” singer Hyorin has been charting her way to the top as a diva of her own merit. She recently teamed up with rising actor Choi Yong Ho for a sexy pictorial in “Marie Claire” magazine’s January issue. 

For the shoot, Hyorin assumes the character of a woman captivated by a bad boy, played by actor Choi Yong Ho, who is considered to be a blue chip in the advertisement industry as of late. The sizzling, hot chemistry between the two celebrities can be seen in shots where Hyorin and Choi Yong Ho can’t seem to keep their hands off one another. 

Regarding their objectives for the shoot, visual director Kim Woo Ri explained,“We strived to emphasize Hyorin’s superior proportionate figure and showcase her talent in expressing emotions beyond the realm of a singer.” 

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