Group photo of JYP Artists Show Good Relations Despite Ending Contracts

The recent photo of JYP artists show that despite recent buzz about ending contracts, relationships among JYP artists and actors are strong and supportive.

On December 19, miss A’s Min uploaded a photo on her Twitter with the message, “JYP Bad Party.” In the photo, JYP Entertainment figures such as actor Lee Jung Jin, Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM, and 2AM were captured surrounding Park Jin Young. The group photo seemed to celebrate the start of JYP’s producer Park Jin Young’s annual concert.

However, what grabbed many people’s attentions was the presence of Wonder Girl’s Sohee. Recently, it was announced that Sohee would not be renewing her contract with JYP that will be ending on December 21, indicating her intentions to leave the agency in order to pursue her acting career. Yet, despite the news of her parting from JYP Entertainment, Sohee’s relationship with the other artists seemed to remain good and strong.

The group photo of JYP artists smiling and posing for the camera conveyed the good relations between the artists. Park Jin Young’s (JYP) Bad Party is the singer’s annual +19 years old concert that opens from December 19 to December 22.