“Medical Top Team” Oh Yeon Seo Is “Neo Gen” Muse In Latest Pictorial

Actress Oh Yeon Seo is currently an exclusive model for Bio Derma’s cosmetic line, “Neo Gen” and photos from her recent photo shoot have been released!

Oh Yeon Seo can be seen resting her cheek lightly against the palm of her hand with a serene expression on her face. Attention is drawn to her dewey complexion with a simple bun and a white dress that emphasizes the clarity of her skin and figure. 

The staff from the set commented, “Oh Yeon Seo met our expectations and captured the classy and elegant feel of the photo shoot. We think it turned out even better because of Oh Yeon Seo’s animated personality, perfect skin and beautiful dress. It was a joy to work with Oh Yeon Seo and discover her other charms.” 

In related news, Oh Yeon Seo is currently looking over her next project while taking a break after wrapping up the MBC drama, “Medical Top Team.” 

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