Gagman Jo Se Ho: “I Misunderstood That EXO’s Kris Lacked Manners”

Misunderstandings can always occur, but it is the best feeling when such misunderstandings turn in to a friendly relationship. Gagman Jo Se Ho revealed how he had once misunderstood EXO’s Kris to be without manners.

On mobile variety show “Ji Sang Ryul’s Ten Rumors,” with the show’s topic discussing rising star EXO, the gagman expressed how he had once misunderstood Kris to be rude when filming another show with the singer. Jo Se Ho commented, “EXO’s Kris did not greet me like the usual idols. I didn’t know Kris was Chinese. It was a misunderstanding that occurred due to cultural differences.” The gagman further complimented the EXO member as he stated, “Kris, unlike anyone else, has a lot of manners,” and showed everyone at the studio how Kris was number one on Jo Se Ho’s phone.

Although the misunderstanding had occurred, we are glad that it was clarified. We hope that the friendly and supportive relationship continues to grow amongst singers and entertainers!