ZE:A’s Siwan Turns into a Chic and Sleek Fashionista for Harper’s Bazaar

Actor and member of idol group ZE:A, Siwan has shown yet another side of himself for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

The star transformed into a chic and charismatic model for the magazine’s latest issue. Wearing an eye-catching mix of textures and styles, Siwan pulls off the fashionista-esque look perfectly. His dewy, tan makeup and sleek hairstyle accentuate his statue-like facial features, and like expected, the idol’s acting skills can be felt in his presence from head to toe. The strong gaze and subtle body language confirm that Siwan is no rookie in front of the camera.

During an interview with the magazine, he commented on his role in “The Attorney” that also marks his big-screen debut, “While reading the script of the movie, I thought it will be a difficult role for me, but on the other hand, I considered it a possibility to get to the next level. That is why I decided to challenge myself. The background story takes place in my hometown Busan, and as my character attends the same Busan University that I personally went to, I could relate to the character’s story and fully engaged myself in the role.”

“The scenes were not shot in the order that they appear in the script, so I had to constantly lose and gain weight. I also stopped working out, something that I used to do rigorously. Honestly, I can handle any sort of physical challenges, but it was difficult to control my mind,” Siwan shared what he went through while preparing for the role.

“The Attorney” had its premiere in Korea on December 18, and its star-studded cast includes Song Kang Ho, Kim Yeong Ae, Oh Dal Soo, and Kwak Do Won.

ze:a siwan

ze:a siwan