Jang Yoon Jung Acquitted From Charges of Confining and Assaulting Her Mother’s Acquaintance, Mother Lashes Out

Singer Jang Yoon Jung was recently acquitted from the charges of confining and assaulting her mother’s (Yook Heung Bok’s) acquaintance.

In an interview with News1 on December 20, the singer’s mother said, “I just can’t understand this acquittal. Immediately tomorrow, I’m going to start a solo demonstration,” protesting the conclusion to the case. She continued, saying, “As long as I am alive, I will appeal to the very end, until someone reveals this injustice. I won’t hold back any longer, and I’ll go to the end of the world.”

Earlier that day, the police station in charge of the case revealed that they were going to forward that Jang Joon Jung was being cleared of charges to the district prosecutor’s office. Moreover, the police station revealed that they have put in a request for a preliminary arrest warrant for defamation and false accusation for Mr. Song, the manager of the blog “One Sack of Beans,” who had accused Jang Yoon Jung of the confinement and assault.

Yook Heung Bok said that she discussed the acquittal with Mr. Song, who said that while being investigated, he would think of what to do in later circumstances.

The president of Jang Yoon Jung’s agency, (Inwoo Entertainment) Hong Ik Sun said that they are in the middle of investigation for the case of defamation including Yook Heung Bok, Mr. Song, and others.