Actress Hwang Jung Eum Looks Lovely in Pictorial for InStyle

Fashion magazine, InStyle, recently captured the lovely actress Hwang Jung Eum in the exotic scenery of Bali. She showed off her elegance wearing a unique-patterned dress and presented a lovely resort look matching a see-through top with black shorts.

During the interview, Hwang Jung Eum revealed her thoughts about her most recent role in the drama “Secret.” “It was very difficult to draw the lines of how to control my emotions because there were so scenes where I had to cry and the emotional spectrum from scene to scene were so extreme. But at some point I saw myself as Yoo Jung.”

Hwang Jung Eum also revealed, “I think traveling is the greatest gift given to humans from above. I plan on traveling with my loved ones and making many memories every chance I get.”

She was asked what her goal was for the New Year, in which she answered, “I want to work on my acting and get an acting award. I want to learn English which I have been setting aside. I also want to start volunteering for abandoned pets.”

Hwang Jung Eum’s pictorial and interview will be available on the January 2014 issue of InStyle Korea.

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