Comedian Kim Eun Woo Is Only Seven Years Apart From His Mother-In-Law

On December 20’s episode of SBSGood Morning,” comedian Kim Eun Woo’s newlywed life with his 17-year-younger wife was revealed.

Kim Eun Woo was having lunch with his wife and parents-in-law at a restaurant, and his mother-in-law said, “I didn’t oppose the wedding because of the age difference. Later on, I found out that he had a previous failed marriage, which surprised me. While I was against their marriage at first, after meeting him three times, I changed my mind, and my daughter says she likes him, so I’m okay with it.”

They also revealed that the age difference between Kim Eun Woo and his mother-in-law is only seven years, and Kim Eun Woo joked, “It’s made things more uncomfortable.”

Kim Eun Woo and his wife just recently tied the knot this past May.

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