[Introduction] Live Blog Coverage of the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards

Come one, come all to what is certain to be an interesting experience! 

Note: You can now view the event at our live blog post.

Here at Soompi, we are always looking at ways to provide you with content that is both interesting and worthwhile. One of these new content experiences has been our live coverage of various events in the entertainment industry. This includes our previous live recaps of the 2011 end of year award ceremonies, including the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards and in more recent times our popular live recap of “Master’s Sun, our live stream of the 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards and the 2013 MAMA. For the numerous 2013 end-of-the-year ceremonies, we have decided to take this even further by utilizing a new system of content delivery to hopefully provide you, the readers, with a much more engaging experience. What is this new system you ask? It will hopefully be the start of something great.

Award Ceremonies

This year, as part of our end of year award ceremony coverage, we will be running a live written commentary session here at Soompi. For those slightly confused people, that’s just a more elegant way of saying that we will be live blogging the numerous award ceremonies occurring in December starting with the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards. By utilizing a live blog, we hope to provide you with a much more engaging experience as we provide coverage of the awards and post updates as soon as they are shown on TV. It will also let you ask us questions as the event unfolds and we can all experience the joys of seeing our favorite stars up on the award stage as it happens. 

Shin Dong Yeop, Goo Hara, Seo In Guk

The 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards is a celebration of all that was great in the world of KBS variety shows in 2013. It will be hosted by Shin Dong Yeop, Goo Hara, and Seo In Guk. This year of 2013, however, hasn’t been very kind to KBS. Core shows such as “1 Night 2 Days Season 2” and “Qualifications of Men” underperformed against their rivals and were eventually cancelled while new shows such as “Moonlight Prince” also failed to make a mark on the variety show scene.

KBS Programs

On the flip side, the success of stable shows such as “Gag Concert,” “Happy Together Season 3” and “Talk Show Hello” has given KBS some breathing room so that they can completely overhaul the rest of their program line up. The result of this has been a large increase in ratings for revamped shows such as “1 Night 2 Day Season 3, along with positive press for new shows such as “Our Neighbourhood Sports” and “Superman Has Returned.” KBS is definitely ending the year on a high note as they hope to continue this momentum into the new year.

Last year’s “Grand Award” winner was Shin Dong Yeop, while “Gag Concert” won the “Best Program” award. Both star and show will be looking to win these awards once again. KBS has published their list of nominees for the “Best Program” award. They are:

  1. Gag Concert
  2. Immortal Song 2
  3. Talk Show Hello
  4. Our Neighbourhood Sports
  5. Human Condition
  6. Happy Sunday (1 Night, 2 Days Season 3 + Superman has Returned)
  7. Happy Together 

As of writing, KBS has not yet published a list of nominees for the “Grand Award.”

KBS Login

You can also view a live stream of the event through KBS’s official website by registering an account there. Just go to KBS’s membership registration page here, select “Foreigner Living Abroad,” then at the top select “Click here for Foreign(English),” and then follow the instructions given to make your official KBS account. You can then go to KBS’s live stream page here to view the event once it airs. If you have KBS World on your cable package, then you can also watch the event there, but schedules might be different in different countries so please check with your local schedule first.

The live blog event will start on December 21 at 8:30PM KST. This is 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony so we can setup and answer any question our readers may have before we start covering the awards. You can view the event at our live blog post. 

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