[Recap] Let's Rekindle the Fire – We Got Married 122213

This week on “We Got Married,” Taemin teaches Son Na Eun how to ski, Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon reenact an iconic scene from the Titanic, and Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi prepare for a Christmas party. 

Let’s rekindle the fire – This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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we got married

If you couldn’t tell, I was pretty disappointed with last week’s episode. It was the 200th episode, yet all the couples felt lack luster and I thought it was one of the more boring episodes so far. This week was a little better, but I can’t pin point why so I’m wondering if I was just in a bad mood last week.

Last week Taemin left some not-so-subtle hints that he liked skiing and wanted to go with Na Eun. A ski date should be fun with these two young and energetic love birds. They go to a ski resort and agree that they will teach other how to ski and to snowboard. It should be noted that they have each actually done it two or three times.

Taemin is a self taught skier, but also a very good teacher. He takes Na Eun by the hands and carefully guides her in skiing. Na Eun is a quick learner and it isn’t long before she’s going down the bunny slope by herself easily. Wait, or is it that Taemin is that good of a teacher? 

we got married

Now it’s turn Na Eun’s turn to teach Taemin how to snowboard. Na Eun is not as good as a teacher as Taemin, and even she admits it later on. She tries to teach Taemin the tricks, but more than once Taemin tumbles in the snow. I heard that people who are good at skiing have a hard time picking up snowboarding because the techniques are contrary, and vice versa. It probably would have helped if Na Eun was a better snowboarder, too; near the end she gets stuck near a fence and has to call out to Taemin for help.

Na Eun may feel bad that she didn’t do a better job in teaching Taemin, but he doesn’t mind. He just uses the lessons as an excuse to bump into her. When they are done, he asks her what part of her is the coldest, and when she answers her face, he warms up his hands and puts it on her face. He then tries to warm her whole body by giving her a stiff back hug. 

“Are you warmer?”


we got married

Inside the ski resort, Taemin pulls of a Justin Bieber look with his long bangs and hoodies. There are several fake wrapped gifts near the Christmas tree, and Taemin tells Na Eun to open to find his gift. At first, Na Eun doesn’t want to because she suspects he’s just messing with her, and she also hid a gift among the fakes. Turns out, Taemin had really prepared something: couple sweaters, ear muffs, and socks. I don’t know if Taemin actually picked out the clothes himself, but they match the two really well.

As they drink their warm wine, Na Eun tells Taemin that she has a gift for him too. It turns out to be a very nice looking snow globe; it even lights up. Na Eun asks Taemin if he knows why she chose this gift for him. She explains that Taemin had told her that winter is his favorite season, so with this snow globe he can experience winter any day of the year. How sweet. I said it before, and I’ll say it more times: Na Eun is a very thoughtful girl.

It looks like next week, Taemin will find more reasons to hug Na Eun in the snow

we got married

Last week Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon had a wedding outside in Jeju Island. Let me tell you something: it is freaking cold here in Korea. Every day it gets below freezing. This was filmed only a few weeks ago, and it was cold then too. When Yoon Han was singing for her, it started to hail. I shared my thoughts on how the two seemed to be trying hard to hide their bad mood last week, but it looks like they cheer up for this one.

During the dinner, the two share notes that they wrote for each other. So Yeon wants Yoon Han to sing for her everyday. Eh, Yoon Han laughs nervously but he isn’t going to tell her no. On his part, Yoon Han asks So Yeon to show him seduction and aegyo everyday. He then asks her to seduce him right there on the spot. This isn’t the first time she has to do it, and she did it fine the other times, but for whatever reason, So Yeon gets really nervous and ends up doing this weird face poke. In the interview she explains that for some reason, as they get to know each other more, the more nervous she gets around him.

They also call up So Yeon’s sister, who just seems like a chill and honest person. She confirms that she did write the letter Yoon Han had read at the ceremony, and jokes that it wouldn’t be good for Yoon Han to meet her baby son because then he might think that all men are tall and good looking.

What I really liked about this part were the small gestures. Several times So Yeon and Yoon Han just gave each other quick looks, as if they were sharing a secret. When Yoon Han takes So Yeon’s hands, he gently rubs her fingers. It’s watching things like that, that keep me believing. 

And I want to believe.

we got married

The two continue their Jeju date by going to a horse riding place. I wondered to myself why this seemed familiar, and I realized that back in the day, Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee had done something similar. I’m sure horse back riding is something that’s happened before even that in the history of WGM. 

They meet the horses and So Yeon falls for a spritely young horse named Fisherman. Even though though the trainer advises against it, she chooses him to be her horse. Yoon Han chooses the calm Dandy. Not long after So Yeon gets on him, Fisherman gets too excited and scares everyone as he jumps up and down. So Yeon is rattled, and she has to come down. That’s when Yoon Han calmly suggests they switch horses. That makes So Yeon feel a little better, but then she timidly asks if they can ride together. Poor Dandy, he has to bear the burden of two now. They enjoy the short trot, and the MCs mention how princely Yoon Han looks on a horse.

At the end, they thank Dandy for his hard work by rewarding him with carrots. So Yeon decides she’s over Fisherman and gives Dandy a big hug.

we got married

Yoon Han and So Yeon finish their date with a romantic boat ride. Of course, OF COURSE, as soon as they get on the deck they must reenact that scene from the movie “Titanic.” I don’t even have to find the YouTube clip for you, because I’m sure you already know what it is. Inside the boat, Yoon Han gives So Yeon a really nice bouquet of red roses. They decide that they should a few resolutions as a couple. So Yeon wants to share a hobby together. Yoon Han suggest they kiss everyday, and when So Yeon’s eyes get big and it looks like she’s thinking of jumping out of the boat, he instead suggests that they just call each other everyday. So Yeon agrees, which leads to Yoon Han suggesting that they listen to each other’s heart beats. He embraces her, gently, and later on So Yeon declares that she knows she’s alive because all she could hear was her own heart beat pounding loudly. 

After that, Yoon Han says that he is tired and leans on So Yeon. In the interview, he makes it clear that now that they are married, he is going to take advantage of it and get as much skinship as he can. Good for you. The physical developments for this couple happens so slowly, sometimes I get impatient. Even Taemin moved at a fast pace.


What I really didn’t get about this episode was why the marathon section was so short. The marathon was a big deal to the couple. It was the topic of discussion from the first episode and onwards, so why was only five minutes dedicated to the marathon. We hardly saw anything. Yoo Mi was pumped up and tried to get Joon Young excited, but he, like he does everything else, only half hearted responded. We also see them start the marathon, run a little bit, and then that’s it. Did they run out of batteries or something? You would think they would make a bigger deal out of it.

Also, Yoo Mi has a lot of cute and energetic aegyo. If her husband was anyone else, he would probably gush about how cute she is during the interviews. Meanwhile, Joon Young just looks at her with mild curiosity, wondering why she’s even bothering. 

we got married

Now that the marathon has ended, Joon Young can rest peacefully. While in their home, the couple gets a mission to host a Christmas party. Since Yoo Mi is now forever indebted to Joon Young because of the marathon, they agree that they will only invite Joon Young’s friends. The Male MCs are not very happy with this, since, in their minds, a party with Yoo Mi’s actress friends would have been much better. 

Joon Young calls up three of his hyungs: A world star, a rock star, and a nation’s MC. Yoo Mi has no idea who they are, but we can see that their descriptions are a little generous. After sending out the invitation, the two goes shopping for decorations. Watching the quick montage of them shopping together reminded me of one of their first dates when they had to buy decorations for their home. Back then Yoo Mi would sigh in frustration as she chased Joon Young around. No doubt, she probably chased him now too, but we also saw her laughing. I think Yoo Mi as learned to be flexible with Joon Young and to enjoy it, instead of fighting it.

Joon Young turns out to be the quite the handyman, which is a surprise. The two decorate their house really well, and I even made a note to copy the christmas light christmas tree they made.


Now that the house is all decorated, Yoo Mi announces that it’s time for the most important part of Christmas: exchanging gifts. She tells Joon Young to close his eyes as she brings out his gifts. Joon Young is very excited and expects great gifts from his wife. I don’t know about great, but her gifts are certainly interesting:  a giant raccoon rug and panda slippers. Joon Young doesn’t even bother to hide is disappointment, but put a little effort into acting surprised.

Joon Young also prepared a gift for his wife. It was something very similar to the beer hats he got last time (whatever happened to those? I want them to reappear): his and hers massage vests. Where does he gets those gifts and where can I find them? I could use a back massage once in awhile. 

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