“Reply 1994” Son Ho Joon Dedicates Handwritten Christmas Card to Fans

Actor Son Ho Joon recently took the time to write to fans a heartfelt Christmas card and expressed his appreciation to fans for all the love his “Reply 1994” character had received this year!

On December 21, Core Contents Media revealed Son Ho Joon’s sweet note and accompanying photo online. 

He wrote in his note, “Hello everyone, this is Son Ho Joon who plays ‘Reply 1994’s Hae Tae Yeok.’ The amount of love you all have given me surpassed all expectations and left me in awe. Because of you all, I think I will be spending a very happy and warm Christmas this year. I want to express my gratitude to you all again and again. I will do everything I can to become an actor that works hard. I hope all of you enjoy a very merry Christmas an what’s left of a very eventful 2013 year. Hae Tae will be sincerely rooting for all of you to achieve all the goals you have set for the 2014 year. I wish you good health and happiness each day. ♥”

In related news, Son Ho Joon was cast for the movie, “Big Match” and for the lead part of Joseph in the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat.” 

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