“Reply 1994’s” Kim Sung Kyun Surprises Fans with Online Appearance

On December 21, “Reply 1994‘s” Kim Sung Kyun appeared before his fans on one of his fan sites.

The actor appeared on an online community at dcinside.com that was dedicated to him. He logged on with his own name and greeted the online community. He also asked if they had seen the night’s episode and said that he was drinking beer while watching the episode.

At first, the fans didn’t believe that Kim Sung Kyun was actually on the website and called him a liar. To prove that it was actually him, the actor went on Twitter and posted a photo of himself with the message “having fun right now, home alone.” After seeing the message, fans finally accepted the fact that it was Kim Sung Kyun on the website. The actor went on to talk with the fans for about an hour before saying goodbye.

Actor Kim Sung Kyun plays Samcheonpo on the popular drama “Reply 1994,” and he recently filmed a CF with on-screen lover, Tiny-G’s Do Hee.