Jung Woo Transforms from Mr.Trash to Mr.Charismatic in Bazaar

Actor Jung Woo conveyed a different look than his usual Trash character through a photo shoot for Bazaar’s January 2014 issue.

jung woo

On December 20, the actor’s agency released images of the actor embracing a new concept aside from his well loved countryside character. The actor, who stars in tvN’s hit drama “Reply 1994,” shed his goofy personality and exhibited his deep stare through the black and white photos. Although he plays Trash in the tvN drama, Jung Woo sported an Edwardian style clothes for the fashion magazine.

jung woo bazaar 3

jung woo

The actor’s ability to digest the photo shoot’s concept illustrated his professionalism. During the interview portion of the Bazaar photo shoot, Jung Woo commented, “I admire the drama staff’s direction and idea. As I read the script, it seemed like the director had deeply studied the different actors. I am filming happily as if I was wearing fitted clothes,” conveying how satisfied the actor has been with his character, Trash, and the production of “Reply 1994.”

Catch Jung Woo’s full length interview on the January 2014 issue of Bazaar Magazine!