“Reply 1994” Son Ho Joon Was Once an Unknown Actor Before His Rise to Stardom

Many will recognize actor Son Ho Joon as Haitai, the joking and light natured character from tvN’s “Reply 1994.” Yet, before the actor’s rise to fame, he was an unknown actor who was given minor roles.

Back in 2007, the actor had debuted with a single album, dipping his feet in the music industry. Yet, Son Ho Joon began focusing his career towards acting, landing small roles in films. Recently, fans have spotted and helped resurface the actor’s past work. Back in 2008, Son Jo Joon had acted alongside previous g.o.d member Danny Ahn in the movie, “Shanghai Brothers.”

The captured images of Son Ho Joon contrasts completely to the jokester Haitai in “Reply 1994,” as the actor sports longer, brushed down hair, as well as dark framed glasses. Unlike the cool, funny, and fashionable Haitai, Son Ho Joon’s minor character in the 2008 film showed the actor’s goofy character, giving off a completely different vibe.

Being able to transform to match the different characters conveys Son Ho Joon’s professionalism as an actor. Despite the minor role back in 2008, many can expect to see the actor challenge bigger roles in the future.