Tablo Dresses Up as Santa Claus, But How Did His Daughter Haru React?

Hip hop artist Tablo prepared a surprise event for his daughter Haru, but unfortunately her reaction was an unexpected one.

On December 22, KBS2TV’s popular variety show “Superman Returns” aired a holiday-themed episode, which showed the celebrity dads and their children having fun while preparing for Christmas. To surprise his daughter Haru, Tablo decided to dress up as Santa Claus and visit her kindergarten. In order to look as legitimate as possible, he attached a fake beard to his chin and even put a plush toy under his coat to have the voluminous tummy that Santa Claus in known for. 

However, his surprise event did not go exactly as planned. As soon as Haru saw his father, she burst into tears. Like many children often do, Haru mistook Santa Claus for a strange person and simply felt scared. To calm Haru down, he finally took off his beard and said, “It’s me, dad,” but his daughter continued to be upset and told him to take off the Santa costume.

During an interview, Tablo commented, “I thought Haru would recognize me immediately and start hitting my big belly. My costume is not that refined, so how could she not recognize me?” and recalled the confusing situation.

Hopefully Haru will soon realize that there is nothing scary about Santa Claus!