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K-Pop Star 3” contestant Lee Chae Young has earned high praise from the judges this week.

On December 22, Lee Chae Young sang Lenka‘s “The Show” for the second round of the competition.

Lee Chae Young was on a previous season of “K-Pop Star” two years ago and received a lot of attention for her outstanding dance skills. However, she was eliminated due to her shaky vocal skills. But this year, Lee Chae Young has touched the judges’ hearts with her vast improvement.

Yang Hyun Suk commented, “My daughter’s name is Yang Yoo Jin. I found myself wondering if I would be this emotional if I saw her sing like you did today. As I am watching Lee Chae Young grow after those two years, I am getting very emotional. If you listen carefully, you can really tell that she improved a lot. I realized that her good singing skills from last round was not just a coincidence and that she really did improve a lot.”

Yoo Hee Yeol also commented, “I watched your performances from two years ago. I am amazed that you improved this much in just two years. So I wonder, if you receive proper lessons, how much more will you improve then?”

After hearing that her family helped her pick the song she performed, Yoo Hee Yeol continued, “You have a really great family. You picked a song that helped showcase your youthful emotions and for your dance, you showed a complete opposite side of yourself. Your family is a talented family. I think your family is ready to make you a star.”

Finally, Park Jin Young commented, “I have never dreamed of becoming a singer. When I was a sophomore in college, I was dancing drunk in a club and somehow got scouted to be a dancer, which is how I became a singer. Before that, my dream was to become a teacher. I really like to teach others. I was the annoying guy who always gave answers that were too long whenever someone asked me a question. In our agency, we have a vocal teacher and a dance teacher but there are those who I want to teach myself. When I see you, I want to teach you myself so badly.”

Park Jin Young continued to point out some of the things that Lee Chae Young should work on with her dance moves and said, “If you learn a variety of dance moves, I think I can call you the future of K-Pop.”

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