Tablo Says He Would Like Haru to Be an Oddball Just Like Him in Singles Magazine

Tablo recently posed for the fashion magazine Singles and shared stories about his “Superman Returns” experience.

When asked if it wasn’t hard for him to decide to reveal his daily life with his daughter on TV, Tablo answered, “I didn’t really have a big part in making that decision. After I broke my shoulder and was going to the surgery room, my manager told me about the program offer. But because I wasn’t in the right state of mind, I don’t even remember what I said. But Kang Hye Jung seemed to really enjoy the Chuseok special of ‘Superman Returns.’ So she told my manager, ‘If Tablo is going to do variety again sometime, I would like him to do something like that.’ So I think my manager listened to Hye Jung and made the decision.”

Tablo’s daughter Haru really resembles her father. When asked what part of himself he would like his daughter to resemble, Tablo answered, “The only thing I don’t regret about my life is that I’m an oddball. I was like that since I was young. I don’t know what situation or environment made me this way but I am much more strange than my older brother or sister, who lived in the same environment as me. That is the part about myself that I like the most and the part that I never want to lose. So I hope Haru resembles that.”

Tablo returned to variety TV for the first time in four years through “Superman Returns” with his daughter Haru. “Superman Returns” is about the father watching over his children for 48 hours without the help of the mother.

This pictorial and interview will be included in Singles’ January edition.

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