Heart Rabbit Girls Are Animated Bunnies in “Ang” Music Video

Rookie girl group Heart Rabbit Girls released the music video for their cute song “Ang” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Heart Rabbit Girls debuted in February of this year with concept as a character group. The image of the group will focus on the animation character Heart Rabbit. With their debut song “Round and Round” the group had five members, but was reorganized when all but member Bo Hae dropped out and three new members, Hyun Mi, Yoo Seul, and Ri Won, were added.

“”Ang” is a cute song about a sweet a crush that a girl has on a boy and how she wishes she could confess her love to him. “Ang” is not really a word, but a cute sound made, especially during aegyo. 

The music video interestedly doesn’t show any of the members, but is a 3D animation featuring the Heart Rabbit. The music video has the words to the song while the Heart Rabbits dance to the song.

heart rabbit girls