“Prime Minister And I” YoonA Talks About the Rise in Number of Idol-Turned-Actors

Girls’ Generation member and actress YoonA recently talked about her thoughts on the rise in the number of actor-idols in the industry. 

On December 23, the lead actors of KBS 2TV’s newest drama series, “Prime Minister And I” had the chance to give an interview and reveal the filming site. 

“Before, there wasn’t a whole lot of idols acting so the burden was a lot heavier, but nowadays there are many who are great actors. It makes me happy that there are those who are as talented as new actors and actresses out there,” YoonA said thoughtfully. 

“Since the masses are now familiar with idols who act, it just feels like there’s less weight on my shoulders. Of course, that also means that there’s more competition and I am trying harder than ever to showcase my own uniqueness and charisma,” she added. 

YoonA currently plays the role of Nam Da Jung, a stubborn yet cheerful female reporter for “Scandal News” who ends up in a contract marriage with the Prime Minister as a result of a hilarious sequence of events. “Prime Minister And I” airs every monday and tuesday at 10pm. 

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