G-Dragon Is Deep in Thought at Big Bang’s Concert Rehearsal

Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon has given the fans a sneak peek of the group’s concert rehearsal.

He shared the snapshot on his Instagram on December 22 with a short description, “At Bigbang’s Tokyo dome concert rehearsal.” In the picture, he is casually sitting on the stage and taking a break from practicing. Despite it being the rehearsal, the star stays true to his reputation and is sporting a stylish outfit. His modern suit with cropped pants paired with brown leather shoes makes him look sharp and fashionable, and if it wasn’t for the hat hiding his hair waiting to be styled and the high collar covering his make-up free face, he could easily leave the dome with that look. Even when busy practicing, G-Dragon looks like a true fashionista.

Not only is his outfit eye-catching, but his unusual pose makes the photo even more intriguing. The idol seems to be deep in thought, casually resting his arms on his knees and slightly touching his forehead. What do you think he had in his mind?

Big Bang successfully held three concerts at Tokyo Dome from December 19 to 21, attracting tens of thousands of fans.