Lee Min Ho and Fan Bing Bing’s Fake Kiss at the 2013 Baidu Fei Dian Awards

Lee Min Ho and Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing has shaken up the hearts of fans everywhere with their fake kiss!

On December 22, Lee Min Ho attended the 2013 Baidu Fei Dian Awards where he won the award for Best Actor. Fan Bing Bing was the one who was presenting the award and when Lee Min Ho came up to accept his award, the MC asked the two actors to pretend like they were posing for a photo shoot.

The two actors proceeded to cover up their faces and pretend to kiss! Fans went wild over this surprise performance and ever since, screen captures have been spreading throughout the Web.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be throwing a solo concert on January 18, which has said to be sold out  in a mere two minutes. He will also be starring in the film “Gangnam Blues,” which is set to be released during the latter half of 2014.

Check out the video of Lee Min Ho and Fan Bing Bing below: