Dal Shabet’s Serri and Subin Film Special Cameo for “Man from the Stars”

Girl group Dal Shabet’s Serri and Subin will make special appearances in the third episode of SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” which will broadcast on Christmas Day.

The two members will act the role of Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) and Yoo Se Mi’s (Yoo In Na) childish juniors, and there will be a funny scene in broadcast station’s dressing room. The staff were impressed by their dedication even though it’s a short cameo, and they reportedly never left the script out of their hands during the filming breaks.

Subin said, “I’m a fan who really enjoys ‘Man from the Stars’ so I was really happy to be able to have a cameo. I’m thankful for seniors Jun Ji Hyun and Yoo In Na for their constant encouragement. Please watch the episode live!”

Serri shared, “We were able to smoothly film our parts due to the director and staff’s compliments, and it was a great sudden experience. I’ve always been a fan of seniors Jun Ji Hyun and Yoo In Na so I was happy being able to film with them.”

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet is currently preparing a new mini album for its January 8 comeback.

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