Kim Woo Bin: “I Would Like to Act with Jang Dong Gun Again”

Actor Kim Woo Bin has expressed his desire to work together with top star Jang Dong Gun once more.

On December 24, Kim Woo Bin met up with SBS to discuss his MC position at the upcoming 2013 SBS Drama Awards. During the interview, he also revealed his feelings towards industry senior Jang Dong Gun. 

“Having had the chance to act together with Jang Dong Gun, even just once, is an honor. He gave me a lot of advice when we were filming, and I am very thankful for that. Even my parents are fans of Jang Dong Gun,” expressing how highly he thinks of the actor. Both of them acted in last year’s hit drama “Gentleman’s Dignity,” in which Kim Woo Bin played a stubborn high school student that is in love with Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul), and Jang Dong Gun had the role of Seo Yi Soo’s love interest Kim Do Jin. 

On being appointed as one of the MCs for this year’s SBS Drama Awards, he commented, “It is my first time attending the show as an MC and not an attendee, which is an honor, but also makes me excited and nervous. I will try to host the show smoothly together with Lee Hwi Jae and Lee Bo Young.” 

This year has been a very successful one for Kim Woo Bin, as he has made his great breakthrough with the help of “The Heirs” and his role as Choi Young Do. He said, “I was born in the Year of the Snake, so I wanted to take that energy and work while taking good care of my health, but my year turned out to be very busy because of ‘The Heirs.’ I will work hard next year as well.”

Make sure to check out the 2013 SBS Drama Awards on December 31 at 8.55pm to see how Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hwi Jae, and Lee Bo Young host the show.