Han Ji Hye Looks Too Chic for “it pouch”

Actress Han Ji Hye has become the new cover model for the beauty magazine “it pouch” for the first month of the new year 2014. For this pictorial, the overall concept is “captivating elegance.”

In one of the pictures shown below, Han Ji Hye is wearing a loose-fit black pullover with a face made up in an elegant French style.

In describing her shooting experience as being very enjoyable because she could show various sides of herself to her fans, the actress also added, “I think people who love beauty look very beautiful themselves. However, outer appearance only lasts for a small amount of time. People need to shape their inner beauty as well. If those two are interlinked with each other, that’s when real beauty shines.”

More pictures of Han Ji Hye can be seen on the January issue of “it pouch.” 

Han Ji Hye

Han Ji Hye