KARA’s Goo Hara: “People Seem to View Me as a Child Forever”

In a recent photoshoot and interview, KARA’s Goo Hara conveyed a mature and elegant look despite her cute baby face.

On the January issue of lifestyle magazine, “The Celebrity,” the singer revealed quirks about herself, as well as her lifestyle routines. Partnering with famous photographer Jo Se Hyun, Goo Hara embraced a feminine and classy look that defined her beauty. The singer’s black dress contrasted with her fair skin, while the hint of light pink on the side of the dress complimented her pink cheeks and lip.

In the interview portion, Goo Hara revealed her daily routines and habits. In regards to her favorite food, the singer said, “It is rice. I also like Korean food such as jungol and jjigae (different types of Korean stews).” On the topic of fitness, she revealed, “I regularly exercise. Now, it’s like a habit to workout. Including exercise in your lifestyle is very important.” Lastly, Goo Hara expressed “Since I debuted at a young age, people seem to view me as a child forever. Instead of an abrupt change, I want to slowly show how I become a woman. “

Catch Goo Hara’s full photoshoot and interview on the January issue of “The Celebrity.”