Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo Prepare to Become “Emergency Man and Woman” (Preview)

Photos have been released showing the actors in tvN‘s upcoming drama “Emergency Man and Woman” practicing their scripts. Actors Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Pil Mo, Choi Yeo Jin, Clara, Park Joon Geum and more are seen practicing their lines for the complicated love drama. “Emergency Man and Woman” follows two ex-lovers who were previously married during medical school but had gotten divorced. The ex-lovers fatefully meet again when they intern for the same emergency room at a hospital.

The Fri-Sat drama “Emergency Man and Woman” will premiere on January 24, and will take over the time slot that was occupied by “Reply 1994.”

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You can watch the interesting teaser where the ex-lovers show their bitter feelings for each other in the video below.

You can learn more about the upcoming drama here.