IU Dominates the Music Charts with “Friday” Featuring History’s Jang Yi Jeong

The holiday season makes us all want to sit back, grab a blanket, and turn on a soothing song. Although IU’s voice has won the hearts of many all year around, her melodious tune seems to be perfect during the warm and festive holiday season.

IU’s song “Friday,” featuring HISTORY‘s Jang Yi Jeong, is dominating the chart, ranking first for the fifth day in a row, validating the singer’s musical presence. The new track, a song from her recently released repackaged album, “Modern Times,” is fitting for the jolly and love filled winter season. The soft melody is sweet to the ear, perfect for Christmas, as well the start of 2014.


Most importantly, “Friday” is a song written and produced by the singer herself, making the success of the track more meaningful. Meanwhile, Jellyfish Entertainment’s carol song, “Winter Confession,” featuring its company’s artists, trails closely behind IU’s song. It seems like music listeners are all for the melodious tracks during the winter season.

Happy holidays, and we hope that IU’s “Friday” adds on to your holiday joys! Check out the music video below.