Tahiti’s Min Jae Says Her Ideal Type Is BEAST’s Hyunseung

Girl groups AOA, Stellar, Tahiti, BESTie and Heyne made guest appearances on QTV’s “Eunhee’s Consultation.” The girls were also joined by former male idol group members and MCs Moon Hee Jun and Eun Ji Won for a special Christmas broadcast.

On that day, the MCs asked the girls to pick out their ideal type among the male idols. Tahiti’s Min Jae picked BEAST’s Hyunseung explaining, “I definitely feel jealous that HyunA gets to perform with Hyunseung” referring to the duo’s Trouble Maker activities. When asked to send a video message to Hyunseung, she said to the camera, “Sunbae-nim, the moment I saw you, I knew I was your girl” causing the studio to erupt into laughter. 

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