Tiffany and Bora Transform Into Black Swans for “Bazaar Korea”

Girls’ Generation member Tiffany and SISTAR’s Bora recently teamed up for “Bazaar” magazine for the very first time together! 

Close friends in real life, the two beauties and their designer counterparts are currently taking part in a fashion survival program series called SBS E!Fashion King Korea.” The girls talked about competing against each other and the awkwardness that accompanies trying to create an atmosphere of rivalry.

“We’re supposed to be rivals, but since it’s hard to come across that way when we don’t view each other like that; the staff is probably a little perplexed on what to do. We used to only be able to see each other by struggling to fit each other in our busy schedules, but now that we can see each other once a week, it’s really great,” they said. 

They girls also revealed that they’re close enough where Tiffany gives Bora advice since she is her senior in the industry, and they tell each other secrets while confiding in one another. 

For the shoot, the girls were outfitted in wine-colored dresses and held black swans. It appears that the black swan is the inspirational motif for the shoot. In european folklore, the black swan has been commonly associated to having ties with the devil or represent a sinister and seductive female as seen in Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” 

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