Choi Won Young Reveals He Already Proposed to Shim Yi Young

Just a few days ago, actor Choi Won Young and actress Shim Yi Young acknowledge their couple status. Adding another element to the surprise, Choi Won Young revealed he already proposed to his girlfriend and that their parents’ have already met one another.

A representative of Choi Won Young’s agency, Fantagio, commented to Star News, “Choi Won Young proposed to Shim Yi Young with a ring and a hand-written letter. He told us it was a very simple event, and said to her, ‘I want to ride this car with you,’ as he lent her his car.”

The rep also added, “The wedding day has not been decided, but both think it is better to do it sooner than later. Families from both sides have already met.”

The two stars acknowledged their relationship of six months through their agencies. They played a married couple in the MBC weekend drama, “Hundred Year’s Inheritance.”