Seo In Guk Transforms into a Woman for Solo Concert

A photo of Seo In Guk wearing a woman’s hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) is attracting much interest.

On an online community on December 26, a photo was posted under the title, “Seo In Guk! Dressed in hanbok trying to be like Korean classical singer Song So Hee?”

The photo revealed was taken by a staff member while the singer was preparing to film a video for his solo concert, “Supri-Inguk.”

In the photo, Seo In Guk is wearing a wig dressed in a woman’s hanbok. He personally paid attention to the wardrobe and props in order to perfectly reenact Song So Hee of her appearance in a recent commercial for KT, a Korean telecommunication service provider.

A representative of Seo In Guk’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, stated, “Seo In Guk did a perfect parody of Song So Hee. The audience will be surprised the side of Seo In Guk never seen before.”

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk’s first solo concert, “Supri-Inguk” will be held on December 28 and 29 at Ewha Women’s University.


Song So Hee