Won Bin Visits Childhood Leukemia Patients as a Christmas Present

The holiday season brings about the heart of giving, and top celebrities are not exempt from sharing such love. Actor Won Bin shared the joy and love of Christmas by recently visiting the Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation’s rest place.

According to Tong Yang Life Insurance, Won Bin had visited the Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation’s rest place to give personally prepared presents and cards to the child patients who were staying at the rest place. The actor had wanted to spread joy to the children who would be spending Christmas at the rest place instead of at their homes with their families due to the children’s battles with leukemia. Furthermore, Won Bin’s visit and donations reflected the actor’s previous promise during the campaign for Tong Yang Life insurance.

Won Bin

Back in July, the actor participated in the Protection Card campaign titled “Won Bin’s Promise,” which was held by the life insurance company. The campaign promised that the actor would personally gift Protection Cards to a selected group if the number of writers for the Protection Card reached 100,000 people. In the beginning of December, the goal was reached.

The Protection Card is an online letter that reveals the true, caring heart of the writer to the recipient. Tong Yang Life Insurance had started the campaign to help people reflect on the importance and love for life, thus alluding to the importance of life insurance. Previously, other celebrities including actor Baek Il Sub, announcer Gong Suh Young, and Comedy Big League’s members have participated in delivering the Protection Cards as part of the campaign to share the joys of life.

The warm campaign not only reflects the meaning of the Christmas season, but also the special meaning of life. Thanks Won Bin for sharing your heart to those in need, bringing a brighter day to those who need it. 

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