How Does FTIsland and CNBlue Split their Year-End Income?

As the year comes to an end, artist are receiving more than Christmas presents; they’re receiving their year-end income. FNC Entertainment revealed how the members of FTIsland and CNBlue receive their annual pay through the company focused reality show.

On the December 26 episode of tvN’s “Cheongdam-dong 111,” viewers got to watch how FNC Entertainment distributed the year-end incomes to their artists. As it was revealed that the company artists were given their incomes twice a year, the recent episode of the tvN reality show went into detail of how FTIsland and CNBlue members split their pay.

A staff of FNC stated, “In the case of a singer, the company and singer split in proportions the income from the artist’s albums, online music sales, overseas sales, MD, and advertisement earnings. For FTIsland, they have been receiving individual earnings, while CNBlue had previously divided their earnings based on fixed proportions per member. However, for the first time the group will start receiving their income based on proportions of individual earnings.”

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The recent episode showed how FTIsland’s Choi Jong Hoon and Lee Jae Jin received their earnings for the copyrights of their composed songs, while drummer Choi Min Hwan received his proportions of the earnings from the musical he had acted in. Furthermore, CNBlue members showed excitement as they received the total of six months’ worth of income at one time. Member Lee Jung Shin revealed that he would save his earnings, while Lee Jong Hyun said, “I don’t really need a lot of money, but I am still very happy. My father loves making kim bap, so I plan to make a kim bap restaurant for him.” Drummer Kang Min Hyuk also said, “Whenever I receive money, I give it all to my parents.”

Although there are artists who are excited to receive the earnings from their activities, AOA was not able to receive their earnings because they were not able to earn more than what was invested on to the group by their company. However, the girl group’s leader Ji Min received her pay because of copyrighted material for the rap parts of AOA’s “Moya,” and “Shake.” The leader excitedly said, “This is the first income I have received in my life,” and received congratulations from her fellow members.

The inside details of FNC Entertainment’s artists show a small view of the business behind the K-Pop industry, as the artists’ incomes reflect their pay after the company has taken a portion from the overall earnings. FNC’s variety show, “Cheongdam-dong 111” broadcasts every Thursdays on tvN at 12:10AM (KST).

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