Chinese Media Survey Picks Girls’ Generation’s YoonA to be Asia’s Best Female Beauty

A particular Chinese media source has chosen Girls’ Generation’s YoonA to be Asia’s best female beauty, beating out other well known female Asian celebrities.

According to a survey done by Youth Entertainment Net, YoonA was found to have been voted as Asia’s best female beauty. The Chinese website that specializes in entertainment commented, “Through the site we conducted a survey for Asia’s best female beauty. In the end, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA was picked with 8,762,167 votes, barely beating out fellow member Jessica.”

The results show that after YoonA and Jessica, Chinese actress Ryu Seu Seu (Korean pronounciation), Jung Swang , Yang Mi, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Chinese singer Yang Wui Ying, actress Tang Yen, Lin Shin Roo, and Korean actress Park Shin Hye were ranked respectively.

Having put together a list of female celebrities by their public image, popularity, and achievements, Chinese netizens were able to vote on their opinions of who was the most beautiful female in Asia.

In the end, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA came out on top, proving her beauty to be boundless. Most importantly, the fact that four Korean female celebrities ranked on the beauty list conveys how Hallyu continues to expand.

Congratulations, YoonA!