Unreleased Performances of “Wonder Live” Concert Series feat. K. Will, Park Ji Yoon, Bumkey & Verbal Jint

Unreleased performances from the intimate concert series “Wonder Live” can now be seen on YouTube. Watch and enjoy the classic performances from entertainers K. Will, Park Ji Yoon, Bumkey & Verbal Jint.

The video starts off with the powerful vocalist K. Will singing the love ballad “It’s Not You.” Then we get to hear the beautiful singer Park Ji Yoon sing the acoustic song “Between Spring and Summer.” After that performance, smooth singer Bumkey performs the R&B classic “The Lady,” and the video ends with stylish rapper Verbal Jint performing “The Power of Positive Thinking.

Wonder Live is an intimate concert series that included performances from Korea’s top entertainers. The concerts would also include a talk session where the performers would share their ideas on their music and life.