Alien Drama “Man from The Stars” Passes 20% in 4th Episode Ratings

According to Nielson Korea, the fourth episode of SBS‘s Wed-Thurs drama “Man from the Stars” brought in 20.1% of the viewership. Starting off strong right from the beginning, each episode of the drama has seen a rise in ratings, and only in its fourth episode, it has passed the 20% mark. The first episode recorded 15.6%, the second 18.3%, and the third 19.4%.

The ratings for competing dramas MBC‘s “Miss Korea” and KBS2‘s “Beautiful Man” were 7.7% and 4.3%, respectively.

The romantic drama “My Lover From the Stars” follows the alien named Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) who has been on earth since the Joseon dynasty. As an alien, Do Min Joon possesses superhuman powers. Do Min Joon ends up falling in love with star actress Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun).

[Spoiler Alert]

The fourth episode answered the question of whether Do Min Joon  once again saves the life of Chun Song Yi. The episode also eneded on a high note with some unexpected physical contact between the two. It also gathered a lot of attention for the comedic “stylish” poses taken by Chun Song Yi and her rival at someone else’s wedding. Talk about stealing the thunder.

Song Yi's Pose