Monster Rapper Swings Unveils New Double Single “Bulldozer”

Swings’ dropped his new double single ‘Bulldozer’ on December 27.

According to the rapper’s agency, this album is a completion of Swings’ signature cathartic punchline delivery. The double single consists of the title track “Bulldozer” and the song “For Mother,” a dedication to his mother, who was the motivation for his success. While the two songs are very different, they represent Swings’ style very well. This is particularly the case for “Bulldozer,” which is a sort of overview of 2013, and embodies his aspiration and devotion to music and his own true colors.

The music video for “Bulldozer” was directed by Johnny BrosLim Seok Jin, and features Swings’ friends Skull, Giriboy, Nochang, and Black Nut. Also, the “For Mother” video features childhood photos of Swings, which are a must see!

Check out the music video below!