Noh Hong Chul Loses His Six-Pack Abs from Eating Too Many Sweets?

Just a few weeks ago, Noh Hong Chul surprised many viewers by appearing on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” after undergoing a shocking transformation. In order to carry out their newest mission to become fashion models in Milan, Noh Hong Chul went under a strict training program to shed 15kg for the photo shoot.

During a recent recording of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” No Hong Chul revisited his fitness center in order to regain the abs he lost after all of the hard work and dedication that went into gaining six-pack abs.

During the recording, Noh Hong Chul confessed, “There are so many delicious things to eat during the winter. I just could not keep myself away from sweets, so I gained 5kgs,” as he revealed his belly.

Noh Hong Chul was scolded by his trainer who said, “I can see the results of what you’ve been eating.” Noh Hong Chul was on the verge of tears as he was working out saying, “It’s harder because my body is heavier.”

This episode of “I Live Alone” aired on December 27 (KST).

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