B1A4’s Third Solo Concert Tickets Sell Out in a Day

B1A4 has confirmed their popularity once again as the group’s concert tickets were sold out in less than 24 hours.

B1A4 will be holding their third solo concert titled “The Class” from February 15 to 16, and like their previous two concerts, the tickets have been completely sold out. The group debuted three years ago, and merely 500 days after their debut, they held their first solo concert. Since their debut concert, the boys of B1A4 have been performing in front of jam-packed halls, selling out all tickets immediately after opening sales. 

The tickets went on sale on December 26 at 8pm, but due to the high competition, fans could not help getting nervous as the opening time got closer. As a result, idol group fans have begun to use the term “picketing” instead of ticketing to describe the “bloody” ticket wars that take place every time sought-after concert tickets become available for purchase.

WM Entertainment commented, “We are thankful for the support that the fans have shown for every concert. You can expect to see an upgraded and more mature side of B1A4.” 

B1A4’s third solo concert “The Class” will be held from February 15 to 16 at SK Olympic Handball Stadium.