Rain Opens Up About Hateful Comments: “It Upsets Me…But It’s Better Than Zero Interest”

World star Rain recently opened up about the hateful comments he read online after getting out of the army. 

On the latest episode of Mnet’s “Rain Effect” that aired on December 26, he shared, “Of course it makes me upset when I read hateful comments and personal attacks online, but I guess it’s better than zero interest.” 

He continued, “Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. To me, I thought they were good friends, wonderful friends, but then all of a sudden our relationship took a turn for the worse. I’m not bitter about it. Even if it hurts, I decided not to let it show. That whatever happens, I’ll just deal with it. I knew it would someday get out in the open. How can someone always receive applause for the rest of their life?” 

In related news, Rain’s case was dismissed after being accused by a citizen that he took advantage of his title of celebrity soldier, taking frequent leaves from service, thus violating military code. A spokesperson from Cube Entertainment commented, “We were told the case was dismissed on December 12. Rain’s comeback will be carried out as planned.” Fans can follow Rain on his newest reality show on Mnet “Rain Effect.”