Joo Won and f(x)’s Sulli Confirmed for New Movie “Fashion King”

On December 27, production company Ylab announced that Joo Won, f(x)‘s Sulli, and Kim Sung Oh have been finalized as the main cast for the movie “Fashion King.”

Sulli was cast for the role of Kwak Eun Ji, Joo Won for the role of Woo Ki Myung, and Kim Sung Oh for the role of Kim Nam Jung, who is a mentor for Woo Ki Myung in the original comic.

The last female main role, Park Hye Jin, is yet to be determined.

According to Ylab, the screenplay for the movie will be written by comic writer Yoon In Wan, a best-seller who wrote the comic “Island” and “Blade of the Phantom Master,” selling over 6.5 million copies in Japan and Europe.

The movie “Fashion King” is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, and is about the growth of a high school student who, in order to become friends with the prettiest girl in school, does everything he can to become cooler and more stylish.

“Fashion King” is set to start filming in the middle of January 2014.