“Reply 1994” Dohee Talks About Showing Her No Makeup Face on Air

“Reply 1994” actress Dohee revealed what her friends said about her no-makeup face after the shot aired on TV.

On December 28, MBC “Human Documentary” aired a year-end special updating viewers with what stars are up to and what has changed after they appeared on the TV program.

Dohee, who revealed her no-makeup face on the 55th episode of the TV show, got a chance to share with the viewers some surprising comments she got from the people around her. She said, “My closest friends said things like, ‘Are you crazy? Why would you appear on TV without any makeup?'”

Dohee also said, “My acquaintances said in a rather roundabout way like, ‘Well, but you hid nothing.'” 

She continued with great enthusiasm, “Then I thought that I really need to give my all. Next time, I would love to shoot a segment not as newcomer Dohee, but star Dohee. “