YG Entertainment Shares Their Famous Cafeteria Food With The Needy

On December 27, YG Entertainment visited Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu in Seoul with “Love Food Car” to share some warm meals with the elderly there who live alone.

Roughly 250 meals were prepared directly by the famous YG cafeteria, and the YG employees prepared some everyday necessities to distribute as well.

On that day, despite the cold weather, YG employees, the Seodaemun district chief, and community center employees all came to help out at the event, spreading the holiday love.

Sean, who is well known as “the charity angel,” also appeared at the event. Following the event, he tweeted, “Sharing a warm meal from YG’s tasty cafeteria food with the elderly. It was a happy day with all the YG employees.”

yg love food car