Actor Woo Hyun Admits that He’s Been Mistaken as the Husband of Mother-in-Law

Actor Woo Hyun (49) was mistaken as being his mother in law’s husband due to his old man looks.

On the December 26 episode of variety show “Darling 100 Years Guest,” the veteran actor told the story about how he feels humiliated when he is mistaken for his mother-in-law’s husband. He is actually 17 years younger than his mother-in-law, but he says that sometimes at the store people comment about how good they look as a couple.

He also adds that sometimes he gets mistaken as the father of his wife. He said that one time an electrical repairman came to visit his house and said, “I’ve talked with your daughter.” However, Woo Hyun doesn’t have a daughter and the repairman believed his wife was the daughter. You can watch the clip below.