“2013 KBS Music Festival” Most-Watched Minute Goes To…

2013 KBS Music Festival” aired on December 27, and reports are already flooding in regards to the show’s most-watched minute.

On the 28th, according to the viewer rating research company TNmS, the music festival’s national household viewer rating was 8.8% (7.9% during part 1 and 9.7% during part 2), 3.5% higher than the show that aired at the same time the previous week. In the midst of this increased popularity, miss A‘s “Hush” performance brought the show a spike in views, recording a broadcast high for the music festival with 13.8% viewership rating.

Coincidentally, the performance by missA did have one small incident, where Min was accidentally hit in the chin by one of the dancers, worrying fans about a possible injury. While she did grab her chin for a moment, she shook it off and finished the performance with no problem. JYP Entertainment, after hearing expressions of concern, later announced that it’s not bad enough to call an ‘injury,’ and that Min is just fine.

Check out the most-watched performance of the “2013 KBS Music Festival” below!

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